MDX Peaceful Shower | MDX Private Spray | MDX FreshNow Inhaler

The first men’s body care that makes your body feel so special, including the MDX Signature Scent that you will love for everyday life.

MDX Peachful Shower

  • Cleanse while making skin look younger and radiant
  • Bathing feels like being pampered by facial skincare 
  • MDX Signature Scent will make you feel special 
  • Antibacterial, removes Covid-19 virus from skin 

MDX Private Spray

  • Eliminate bad odors while adding a good smell
  • Can be used all over the body, including armpits 
  • No white cast, making it perfect for any clothing
  • Prevents sweat and feel comfortably dry all day 

MDX FreshNow Inhaler

  • Refresh – Refuel – Relax instantly with just one inhale 
  • Relieve stress throughout the day and change mood 
  • Calm mind, and improve concentration on activities 
  • No side effects for long-term use, safe for everyone

Why so special ?

Peaceful shower | Innovation

  • lotion-in-serum technology

Peaceful shower | Nature

  • beta-glucan, acetyl glucosamine, etc. 

Private Spray | Innovation

  • nano technology

Private Spray | Nature

  • charcoal, aloe vera, etc.

Freshnow Inhaler | Innovation

  • scent locked 

Freshnow Inhaler | Nature

  • herbal complex exclusive for MDX

Item informations


MDX Peaceful Shower : 250ml. | 500ml.
MDX Private Spray : 50ml.
MDX FreshNow Inhaler : 25g.

MDX Peaceful Shower : cleanse body
MDX Private Spray : spray body
MDX FreshNow Inhaler : for inhale

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