MDX HideAway SPF50 | MDX Attraction Cream | MDX Immagination Cream

An ultra-high-performance skincare designed exclusively for men’s skin without compromise, combined with the latest innovation to achieve optimal results.

MDX HideAway SPF50

  • Protects skin from all UV rays and pollutions 
  • Including blue ray from mobile and computer 
  • Non-oily texture, sweat and water resistant 
  • Shield skin from all kinds of damage all day 

MDX Attraction Cream

  • Day cream that instantly enhance your look
  • Get a radiant glow using our blur filter technology 
  • Stay cool in hot climates with a matte finish
  • Embrace timeless youth with super antioxidants

MDX Immagination Cream

  • Night cream for the skin you’ve always dreamed of
  • Exclusively designed for men’s skin needs 
  • Age-defying benefits with an all-in-one solution 
  • Experience a fresh, well-rested face every day 

Why so special ?

HideAway SPF50 | Innovation

  • time-released antioxidants, blue-ray filter 

HideAway SPF50 | Nature

  • 3-O-ethyl ascorbic acid, thermus thernophillus, etc.

Attraction Cream | Innovation

  • radiant enhance filter, encapsulated liposome

Attraction Cream | Nature

  • glycyrrhetinic acid, curcuma longa extract, etc.

Immagination Cream | Innovation

  • nano technology, encapsulated liposome

Immagination Cream | Nature

  • multi-peptides solution, inositol, retinyl acetate, etc.

Item informations


MDX HideAway SPF50 : 50ml.
MDX Attraction Cream : 50ml.
MDX Immagination Cream : 50ml.

MDX HideAway SPF50 : apply on face in the morning
MDX Attraction Cream : apply on face in the morning
MDX Immagination Cream : apply on face before bed

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