MDX UltraDense Shampoo | MDX UltraGrow Serum

The ultimate duo of shampoo and serum, a dynamic combination that delivers double the performance in effectively treating hair loss and stimulating new growth, denser and helps prevent premature graying. Infused with our patented ingredients.

MDX UltraDense Shampoo

  • Effective hair growth with herbal ingredients
  • Eliminate white hair with amino acid formula
  • Use it on mustache, beard, or any desired area
  • Safe for all ages, without affecting hormones

MDX UltraGrow Serum

  • Defeat hair loss with our powerful treatment
  • Enjoy fuller, denser hair, especially at the crown
  • Promote strong hair growth from the roots
  • Gentle formula, balancing your scalp’s health

Why so special ?

UltraDense Shampoo | Innovation

  • 4 cores technology with herbal extracts

UltraDense Shampoo | Nature

  • penax ginseng, piroctone olamine, etc. 

UltraGrow Serum | Innovation

  • 4 cores technology with herbal extracts

UltraGrow Serum | Nature

  • sesamum indicum seed, anthemis nobilis flower, etc.

Item informations


MDX UltraDense Shampoo : 250ml. | 500ml.
MDX UltraGrow Serum : 50ml. | 100ml.

MDX UltraDense Shampoo : cleanse hair
MDX UltraGrow Serum : apply directly to the treatment area

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