MDX Triple-Action Toothpaste

The ultimate duo of shampoo and serum, a dynamic combination that delivers double the performance in effectively treating hair loss and stimulating new growth, denser and helps prevent premature graying. Infused with our patented ingredients.

MDX Triple-Action Toothpaste

  • The first ever toothpaste that nourish for the lips
  • 3-in-1 formula take care of teeth, gum and lips
  • Enhancing lip shape for fuller and sexier lips
  • Fluorite reduce plaque and bad breath all day

Why so special ?

Triple-Action Toothpaste | Innovation

  • 3-in-1 formula, enhancing lip shape

Triple-Action Toothpaste | Nature

  • penax ginseng, piroctone olamine, etc. 

Item informations


MDX Triple-Action Toothpaste : 50g. | 150g. | 250g.

MDX Triple-Action Toothpaste : cleanse teeth and gum

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